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Sports Illustrated Bets Big On Legal Sports Wagering

Inside the September issue: A 30-page package devoted to the explosive growth of legal sports betting; SI’s Fantasy Football Preview; why Braves Manager Brian Snitker waited 40 years to run the team; the fraying fan-owner relationship in the English Premier League; and more

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--By the end of this year, sports wagering will be legal in more than half the country, and the boom means more than just big business for sportsbook companies. The Gambling Issue of Sports Illustrated, available online and newsstands Aug. 12, examines the rapidly changing and fascinating landscape of mainstream gambling with pieces by senior writers Jon Wertheim, Chris Mannix, and Alex Prewitt. Also inside the issue, Nick Hornby on what the doomed Super League plan says about the state of soccer in England and a history lesson on evolving NFL attitudes towards gambling.

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