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Ross Levinsohn

In Fall of 2020, Ross Levinsohn, former head of Fox Interactive Media, was named CEO of The Arena Group, formerly Maven, a company supplying backend digital and monetization support for Sports Illustrated, “TheStreet Featuring Jim Cramer,” and more than 300 brands, including, Ski Magazine, Maxim and Biography.


“We are excited about this new chapter in the evolution of the company, our partnerships and the leadership Ross will bring to the company,” said executive chairman John Fichthorn. 

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Ross Levinsohn has always pushed for growth and innovation in the technology and media spaces. After getting his first taste of digital media at CBS Sportsline, he went on to become one of the most sought-after leaders in the industry. In his time as the President of Fox Interactive Media, he focused on digital engagement with the company's web properties. As the interim CEO of Yahoo, he oversaw the internet company's $20 billion market cap. As CEO of Guggenheim Digital Media, he managed Billboard Magazine, the Hollywood Reporter, and AdWeek.


After serving as the CEO of the LA Times and the digital arm of Tribune Publishing, he's been a first-hand witness to changing trends in media consumption. He has experience on both sides of the camera, having served as an on-air contributor for CNBC.

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ross levinsohn, sports illustrated
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This executive is currently the CEO of The Arena Group and Sports Illustrated Media. This organization is expected to further empower some of the most famous brands in the world and bringing in a leader like Levinsohn, who has the versatility and experience to handle this demanding job, wsa an easy decision to make.


In addition to being The Arena Group CEO, he remains an active investor in the digital space. He supports more than 30 enterprises in both early- and growth-stages. He's also a strategic advisor and consultant. He works with well-known media companies to help staff align their content and boost viewership. Whether it's a small private business or a huge public conglomerate, Levinsohn understands how companies can adjust their operations to meet an audience's expectations.


Ross Levinsohn earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from American University.

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